photoleavesThe services offered in the Turkish bath resembles a ceremony allowing the rest of the body with Anatolian art and culture.  you will feel like a sultan lived in past with the influence of exotic aromas and spreading temperature.Your body gets warm and your skin softens with the comforting influence of hot steam in bathhouse.You will not get over the influence of sultan, pasha and scheherazade for along time.

When you first enter the bathhouse, bath therapist lays you down on the hot central massage platform in the middle of bath. Here you will feel that hotness makes your soul and your body completely relaxed. Subsequently, bath therapist start rubbing with a coarse bath glove, effective all over the body and have cleaning feature, thus making you relaxed and feel good.Rubbing all over the body provides a perfect sense of a cleaning. Skin gets smooth and softens, in addition, accelerating blood circulation loosens all contractions. Then, you get wrapped with  sweet-smelling foam cloud. your body that relaxes with sweet-smelling of foam,after then thoroughly rinsed. Hammam massage activates your muscles with aromatic oils and specific massage movements and gives a special massage your head, hands and feet. We’ll be proud to serve you with our experienced and certified staff  at lovingly furnished spa hall

* It has been furnished a professional equipment with shock pool, Turkish bath, Sauna, massage rooms, listening room, showers, dressing cabins, fitness room etc.

Since 1991